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New Patients at Plane Tree Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic

If you’re visiting our Scarborough physiotherapy centre for the first time, we’d like you to know exactly what to expect. It’s our desire to provide you with an experience where you can see that your health needs are our top priority.

Plane Tree Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic is a place where people feel comfy and cozy. We want to be of help to every member of your family, and we’ll work hard to earn that privilege.

Our clinic is intimate and modern. There’s lots of sunlight and plants, and of course plane trees. We encourage you to dress comfortably when you come in to see us. Good listening skills and pampering await you!

Your first visit will take about one hour. We encourage you to download and fill out your initial paperwork before you arrive at the office. If that isn’t possible, just come a few minutes early and complete your intake forms in the clinic. If you have insurance, we’ll also verify your coverage so that you can be treated on your first appointment.

You’ll then meet one-on-one with our physiotherapist, who will conduct a comprehensive assessment. Quality time will be spent with you as Ket Lu evaluates your condition from both a physical and psychosocial viewpoint. He does this to sincerely understand you and your needs. The goal is always to give you results-oriented treatment with kindness and transparency.

At the end of this visit, goals, expectations and finances will be discussed. You’ll then be able to start your care with Ket.

Your follow-up appointments will usually take between 30 to 40 minutes, depending on what therapies are used. As always, Ket will monitor your progress with integrity and dedication. Your success is the reason we’re here.

Book a Convenient Appointment Today

If you have any concerns, particularly during these trying times, please feel free to contact our office. Ket Lu always provides a complimentary 10 to 15-minute phone consultation to answer your questions to help you feel safe and valued. We feature late appointments and Saturday bookings. Contact us today!

New Patients at Plane Tree Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic | (416) 292-0055